Sunday Worship, 9:25am Resuming in the SUMC Historic Chapel 11/29.


Created for Relationships

God has wired folks to be relational on two basic levels. First, God has created us for Himself, and He has chosen to relate with His own children on the basis of a covenant (Genesis 17:1-8). Apart from God it is impossible for anyone to have a life filled with purpose and meaning. Second, God has also created us to have relationships with one another. It is impossible for people to live life well in isolation. Christ the King PCA is a church that functions much like a family. We enjoy doing things together through the many different opportunities provided for fellowship.

It is impossible for people to live life well in isolation.

Community Groups
In addition to the Lord’s Day fellowship time we share, our church body has several opportunities to grow in grace and to know one another through mid-week community groups.

Outings & Activities
Sometimes we all meet at the beach on Sunday afternoons. Children play together while parents and adults talk and enjoy the sunset. We also have picnics at local parks where families and friends can be invited. Over time, these activities have proven to be good opportunities to introduce others to the church community.

Fellowship Dinners
Either as a church on the grounds from time to time, or in small groups – we enjoy times of fellowship around the table.

We believe God has ordained the church to be the primary instrument of care and ministry to the needs of her members (Galatians 6:9-10). Over thirty times in the New Testament alone we find the phrase “one another”, showing how the family ought to care for its own. We take very seriously our responsibility toward one another when there is a need. We pray regularly for special needs, provide food and transportation to those who are infirm, and genuinely care for one another in a fellowship of love.